Report: Addressing the Vulnerability of Low Income communities to Extreme Weather, The Center for American Progress

by the New York Enterprise Team

The Center for American Progress released a report this morning timed with the release of the Sandy Task force report, entitled “Addressing the Vulnerability of Low Income communities to Extreme Weather”. The report investigates how climate change exacerbates  the consequences of extreme weather events for low income communities.

On Monday the Federal Task Force on Super Storm Sandy released a new report outlining 69 policy recommendations. Against this backdrop and as states impacted by Sandy continue to implement recovery plans, the Center for American Progress released a new report that examines the unique challenges that low-income communities face after extreme weather events. In addition to analyzing why extreme weather hits low-income individuals the hardest, the report puts forward policy recommendations to address these underlying vulnerabilities and ensure that the government’s response to disasters better serves low-income communities. “Many people view extreme weather events, such as hurricanes, as social equalizers, but the truth is that if you were facing economic hardships before a storm hit, recovery will only be that much harder,” said Tracey Ross, Policy Analyst at the Center for American Progress and author of the report.  

This report highlights the Enterprise Recovery and Rebuilding program’s activities. 

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Author: Housing Horizon

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